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who's bad? the king of pop lives forever.

Today I got off the phone with my best friend Sam. We both agreed on a lot of things...but the main two:

1) It's sad that we'll never get to see/ hear Michael Jackson make music again. I had this dream that he would shut up all the critics and put out a great record and tour it and just rock the planet...and now he passed right before his big tour.

2) Michael Jackson was one of the main reasons why we both started beatboxing. As kids, seeing him beatbox "Who Is It" on Oprah was fully inspiring. I used to listen for hints of beatboxing on his tunes. Later on he explained how lots of his songs originated in a beatbox idea...

I own "Thriller" on vinyl, cassette, and CD. "Dangerous" was the first CD I ever owned. I have so many MJ songs memorized from start to finish including all the ad-libs at the end (where the hook loops and he just goes off). Every pop act, whether established or up-and-comer, imitates him in some way. It could be an ooh, an aah, a spin move, kick, scream, and the look...the black suit, white shirt, black tie, and black fedora look...sure it's been worn in movies, or could pass as a mob or gangster look, but MJ made it look damn cool.

When I was 4, I used to practice jumping off the sofa and ending it with a spin move (which scared my grandma). I think I've been MJ for 3 Halloweens, and represented 3 different MJ eras. In grade six my class sang "Heal The World" at our Christmas concert. The class sang the chorus, but the top female singers sang the verses as soloists. After being ridiculed and laughed at by people in my class (cause I hadn't hit puberty yet and I had a high voice), I auditioned to be a soloist too...and I got selected. That concert performance gave me so much confidence. There are countless aspects of MJ's career that have influenced me and the rest of the world. I've performed in countries where people don't know English, or anything about beatboxing...but I've watched these same people acknowledge and appreciate a beatbox "Billie Jean" cover. MJ was a household name, one of the biggest selling artists of all time, and a contributor to several generations...what else can I say? Every album from Jackson 5 material to "Invincible" had good songs on it (I don't care what critics say)...and I guess my point is MJ showed me what it takes to be an entertainer.

I wanted to list some of my favs...minus all the obvious ones. I would have included a few hits but the MJ Youtube channel doesn't allow video embedding. Here goes...

Ben- Unreal slow tune.

Lady in my Life- Probably one of my favourite songs by MJ. There's no video for it...

In The Closet- I used to think if I could sing this then I could serenade a girl as hot as Naomi Campbell.

Torture by Jackson 5- My dad had this song on an old tape called Slice in Ice.

Speed Demon- If you haven't seen the movie Moonwalker...you should.

Rock With You- Such a good jam.

Human Nature- This song gets me every time...it's been sampled a tonne too.

Blame it on the Boogie by Jackson 5- Funky and damn smooth.

Leave me Alone- This was un-released and made to shut up all the media...

MTV Awards 1995- Epic performance!

Man I'm forgetting loads of songs, and more reasons why MJ got me so passionate about music. I'll have every day to remind myself, and so will everyone else. After all the negative attention the media gave MJ...the joke is on them cause his legend will live on. I put this in my grad comment in my grade 12 yearbook cause it was one of my favourite MJ lyrics...it's only fitting that I sign off with it here as well...

--you can sail across the water, float across the sky
any road that you take will get you there, if you only try
so keep the faith--

Live in Peace Michael Jackson...


national monument conquest

Yeah representing at The Great Wall of China...

...and the Sydney Opera House!



It's been a great time in Sydney so far. Been taking ferries all over all the harbours to see this marvelous city. Beatboxed in front of the Sydney Opera House...stay tuned for that one:-) There's this thing called Smart Light Festival happening here where several buildings, trees, areas are lit up with cool lights all over the downtown area....there's even lights projecting across the water to the Opera House...

I walked around Hyde Park, the Central area, and yesterday we went to Bondi Beach...stunning. It really is an amazing city. My show on Friday at UTS Campus was off the hook. The Foreigndub crew were excellent hosts, and they kicked off the night! Then Missile (a dubstep/ hip hop DJ from Perth) unleashed some killer tunes...she was mad cool! My set went well and literally brought everyone in from the full patio outside. Qbik and MC Seeka who are from New Zealand and UK respectively...now based in Perth...rocked the room with great drum & bass. Also met a cool beatboxer from Netherlands called Ice Bear...

Sydney seems to be Australia's New York CIty...lots of things happening all over the city...music lovers of all kinds...and of course gorgeous structures and historical buildings everywhere.

Goin to the Blue Mountains tomorrow...later today. Can't wait.


AUS dates

Sydney June 12
UTS Campus: Loft

Sydney June 19
Civic Underground

Melbourne June 20
Miss Libertine


made it down under

In Sydney at the moment...

I was hoping to post photos from Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, China & Japan...plus other sight seeing fun...but uploading is taking forever. Here in Aus they charge for internet time by the megabyte or minute...so I'm just gonna wait til I get back to Canada.

Keeping up with all the online work is proving to be a lot of work....so feel free to check me out on:

Facebook- http://www.artist.to/shamikdynamik


Twitter- http://www.twitter.com/shamikdynamik

Kinda hard to sum up in short everything that's happened in the last month but here goes...

Manila was really cool. The Dubplate Festival with Lexie Lee & Red-I Soundsystem went well. Same with the Monday night jam with the Nomad Assassins crew. It was refreshing to hear original drum & bass in the Philippines. After that, I headed to Xiamen, China for back to back shows with Sam, great hand drummer based in Kunming. We played at The Key and KK Club. Had a really good day on Gulangyu Island too. After that I went to Kunming for 5 days and played at Speakeasy Bar on Wednesday May 27. Rocked Baby Body Club (I know what a name!) with DSK in Zhengzhou after that. Then took a 5 hour bullet train to Beijing. Played a night called Funk Fever with Martin Star, Bite Sized Buddha, and Perman. Beijing was sweet...met some really cool people and visited the Great Wall of China, Ming Tombs, and Forbidden City.

After that flew to Osaka and took the train to Kyoto. Spent a couple days exploring the old shrines and temples. It was a dream come true to finally get to go to Japan and see Kyoto. The show in Osaka on June 5 was with Kentaro, Marky, and Stamina MC...epic night at Triangle with 800+ people and it went til 6AM. Then Kentaro and I played at Eight Hall in Kanazawa the next day.

I'll elaborate more on all this real soon. Made my way to Australia after Japan. It's winter here...about 20 degrees lower than the weather in Asia...so all of that combined with my mind in a whirl after being in 7 countries in 2 1/2 months has made this a surreal journey.

Talk soon.


finally unblocked

Greetings from Kyoto, Japan. Just spent the last 2 weeks on tour in China. Several websites like Youtube, Blogspot and others are blocked there. So I had a hard time mapping out destinations, receiving emails...and other online necessities. I had one of the craziest 10 hours going from the subway in Beijing, to the airport, to Osaka, to train to Kyoto...the contrast of the 2 countries were so crazy. I thought I was in a movie of myself and I was watching in disbelief. Anyway, it's late here...I was up til 5 or 6AM every day in China and my sleeping/ eating habits are following no schedule. I really need to remedy that. So yeah, goin to sleep now...but will post a proper update tomorrow.

Glad to be back on here.