chillin in manila

Hey...fresh off an amazing show in Vietnam.

It was attended by about 250-300 people at Vasco's in Ho Chi Minh city. Jase and Astrid (Soulflower) kicked off the night. My set went well..and Lexie Lee killed it too. The cops came about 45 minutes into her set though. Red came on and DJ'd while we waited to see what was going to happen...but the cops officially ended the party around 1AM. Too bad, cause the party was in its prime. We went to a cool French restaurant/ pub called Long Phi afterwards. Hung out with so many kind people for the next two days (much love to Ann, Jakob, Pucci, and Marie!) There are loads of Canadians in Ho Chi Minh...and they all seem to be from Toronto...although I met a few from Montreal and Winnipeg too! Jase was an extremely hospitable host...my stay in Vietnam was grand...I literally didn't want to leave. On Tuesday around 4:30AM Lexie, Red, Astrid, James, and I reached Manila.

I love the Philippines! Since I got here, all I've noticed is that everyone is into the arts and music. EVERYONE! They love all kinds of music. We were eating at this restaurant that had a piano, and some guy who was a customer started and playing. He was kinda singing to himself, and one of the waiters went and got a microphone and hooked it up for him:-) Red & Astrid (Red-I Soundsystem) have been amazing hosts. I've met lots of nice people...On Wednesday we checked out Circa, the venue for our show this coming Sunday. It's a nice club with a pumping sound system so should be a good show. Went to M Cafe last night and there were 3 DJ's playing only funk music...old and new by Filipino artists! The vibe was hot and couldn't be any more feel good! So sweet!! Of course I had to hit the mic, and it turned into one of the best sets I've had in awhile. How's that for promoting Sunday's show? Earlier last night I beatboxed on WAVE 89.1 the most popular R & B radio station in the Philippines.

Lovin life at the moment. Here's the poster for our show on Sunday:

Here's a clip of my interview on STAR TV in Malaysia:

So excited for gigs in Manila on Sunday and Monday...later.



In Vietnam my friends wanted to drink snake blood. It's supposed to make you strong and boost your immunity. I of course had no desire to take part, but knew I'd have to be there to watch them drink it. It was my impression that they just order the blood at the restaurant, and then they drink it. So there I was sitting...and they brought out the live snake and put it on the ground. Then they singed/ burned the top of its head/ brain with a stick to make it not attack. It moved around looking lost...then the guy picked it up and put it on a counter top...a lady held down the body and he chopped off the snake's head. The snake's body kept moving around for about a minute after. He poured the snake's blood in one bottle. They slowly pulled all of the fat out of the snake which was super gross. After that they presented our table with the snake blood, the snake gall bladder, and the snake heart which was still beating. Not only did I have to watch 6 people drink this...the restaurant prepared 3 separate dishes with the snake. A dish with all fat, a stirfry, and a soup with the skin in it....

This could have been one of the most disgusting things I have witnessed...


pondering in ho chi minh

May 1: Played my second of 2 shows in Guangzhou at Cat Walk alongside Greedy Hippy (from Shenzhen). Went out to a couple spots to check out some other DJ's. I didn't feel as sick so it was cool to go out for a bit. So far going out in Asia has been mostly just people watching. I mean I don't dance to top 40 so there's not much else to do but observe the scene...

May 2: Had a nice day by myself. I thought it would be hard to not have anyone speak English, but it was actually cool. Found a magazine which had every restaurant listed in Chinese. So I hopped in a cab and headed for the nearest Indian restaurant. I figured the Chinese food was making me sick (from the oil I think), so maybe playing it safe with Indian was the way to go. Had a late flight to Bangkok shortly after.

May 3: Got to BKK and couldn't fall asleep til 8AM. Been having trouble sleeping as per usual. Later linked with Red and Astrid who will be my hosts in the Philippines, and we're performing together in Vietnam. They were throwin down at a reggae jam called Dub Plate at Cosmic Cafe on the RCA. I got to perform too...it was a sweet party with all dub and reggae vibes! The event was hosted by Paolo who was celebrating his birthday, and we all had a lot of fun. My highlight was hearing Katsuji, a Japanese DJ, play a dance hall set playing only 45's.

May 4/5: Hung out with Jamie, and Chris (from Koh Tao) for my last couple days in BKK. Also went to record a set at UB studios with Red, Astrid, and Paolo. We did a cool set and some of it was broadcasted on the air. It was a holiday on the 5th to celebrate the coronation of the king and queen. So there were people all over the streets. Concerts and music everywhere with everyone in good spirits. It was quite peaceful...and really interesting to roam what are normally busy streets full of traffic.

May 6: We flew together to Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City. Met Jase, the promoter for our show and also my host. Went out to a bit and met some people who will be coming to the show. The weather was cooler with a nice breeze...a great change of pace since it's been ridiculously hot in Asia...

May 7: Ate some good Vietnamese food and then made our way to Squared. Watched Eklips, a beatboxer from France and DJ Mouss put on a good show. I had seen several videos of Eklips on youtube, so it was dope to see him live. He did a lot of party beats...and the crowd loved it. If it wasn't so packed in the front I would have gone up to say hey after the show. It was awesome to see another beatboxer perform. Got me pumped for our show on Saturday.

Now: Having a few days full of mixed emotions. Wondering what I'm gonna do next when I get back to Canada...but aware that I have maybe 2 months of touring to go. I'm tired, excited, curious, and nervous....gonna try to get some sleep...