day 3 in china

Well my battle with the food here is continuing. My belly is making sounds that even my mouth can't make...

Yesterday was quite a funny day. I was with my friend Sam...who's a great hand drummer from Kunming. We were on a mission to simply find a blank CD. We were in a super mall of 6 levels...the stores had fancy phones, cameras, and other gadgets I've never seen before...but no blank CD's ANYWHERE! It reminded my of that Russell Peters skit where he couldn't find clothes in China when the airline lost his luggage and he was like "Isn't everything made there?!"

So Nick (DJ DSK) and I played at the 4 year birthday party of Cat Walk...a cool club with lots of mirrors. Nick plays wikkid old school funk and hip hop mixed with turntablism...he also helps out with the b-boy competition "Battle of the Year" in several Asian cities. It was an interesting show of Chinese singers and dancers...and even a Backstreet Boys sing-along...serious! Today is the second half of the birthday festivities...should be fun. Hope I survive this raging stomach pain. Later.



So I'm feelin pretty rough. Had my first meal in China...and my stomach didn't do so well...had to get initiated I guess. It's crazy getting sick from food being a vegetarian.

Yeah I got approved for my Visa in China...so I'm doin back to back shows in Guangzhou this week. My show in Penang was a lot of fun. It was nice to spend time with my friends in Malaysia...and now I'm excited for the next leg of this tour...




Greetings from the island of Penang. Had a busy week in Malaysia. Vandal and I went to Melaka to do a happening Wednesday night at Pure Bar. It was actually a lot of fun. They sure like their hip hop and r n b here. I got caught up on all the top 40 music along with last year's top 40...haha.

Then I performed at part 1 of the Hennessy Artistry Series in KL. It was a "baller" type show. I was brought to the club in a BMW...and had to walk on a red carpet, do interviews, and get my picture taken a million times. I'm not complaining...but it got pretty nutty after awhile. The bill consisted of Caprice, who is a rising Malaysian hip hop artist...Starz Angels, an electro/ hip hop act from France...and myself. It was a crazy show...people were wasted everywhere due to a free flow of Hennessy til midnight.

Now I'm in Penang to do part 2 of the series.

I'm also waiting on confirmation for my Visas for China and Vietnam...fingers crossed. So it's been quite the adventure so far...and of course in this world of mine...the adventure continues.



Koh Tao pics

Full moon in Koh Tao.

Played at an outdoor spot called Moov right on Sairee Beach.

Fire spinnin on Sairee.

With Gian, Jamie, and Steven (he's from South Africa and we met on the boat from Samui).

My set at Moov.

The fly...

Koh Tao sunset...

With Chris, Jamie, and Craig on Sairee...


Rockin wit Jamie at The Castle.

Songkran. The most epic water fight ever...

Filler up...

The lady boys having their fun.

Claire getting Jamie good! This pic is classsic!

With Anna, Alexandra(from Sweden), Jim (from UK), Claire, Craig (from South Africa), and Jamie at my show at Chopper's.

Performing with Tom Carty (rad singer from UK) at Chopper's!

Our fishing boat escapades...

Waiting for our boat back to Samui.

Koh Samui sunset...

The street in front of Jamie's house when we got back to Bangkok.


coolin in malaysia

I got to KL...and it was uber hot...but now it has cooled down...thanks to the rain. The show at Cloth & Clef was sweet. Nice to see a growth in the hip hop scene here. Did another short set at Maison the next day. The internet is real slow here so haven't had time to upload any pics...will do real soon. Off to Melaka to rock with Vandal at Pure Bar. Then doing 2 shows for the Hennessey Artistry Series. The first is on Apr 23 in KL at The Loft, and the second is in Penang at QEII (outdoor space named after the queen).

Big things comin up for the next leg of this tour...will keep you posted. Posting pics will take forever but here's one of my favs from Koh Tao...


next stop KL...

So things seem to be better in Bangkok. I fly back there today to grab my stuff...and then leave for KL tomorrow for my show. I'm stoked to get to perform in Malaysia with my good pal MC Vandal for the 3rd straight year!!



Thailand chaos

So today is Songkran/ Thai New Year. I'm still in Koh Tao where people are celebrating and the water fights are happening everywhere in the streets. This is the normal behavior on this day...however...Thailand is in a state of emergency due to the situation in Bangkok.

Read more here:


We are okay..still have to take a boat to Koh Samui and fly back to Bangkok...then I have to get my things (I only came with a backpack here) from Jamie's house and then I have to get to my show in Kuala Lumpur...hope the airports aren't shut...but not sure what to expect.

Playing the waiting game. Will keep everyone posted.



In a Bangkok Minute...

Hello hello...I'm in Koh Tao getting ready for the nationwide water fight that is Songkran (Thai new year). This is the hottest time of year...I'm literally roasting. So the rest of my time in Bangkok was filled with more crazy adventures. Let's see...almost got sandwiched by a bus and truck when I took a motorcycle taxi, there was an attack on the prime minister...who happens to live on the same block where I was staying, dealt with a power outtage that took out a lot of Bangkok, accidentally ended up in a lady bar where there were 100 girls wearing numbers waiting to be purchased for the night, shopped at MBK...that mall is trouble, saw my first Muay Thai boxing match, and visited the Wat Pho temple which has the world famous reclining Buddha statue...okay that was a major run-on sentence. Here are some pics...

How inviting...

As opposed to what? Only fresh on Tuesdays?!

City shot...

Cruisin on the Chao Phraya River.

Welcome to the gong show!

Cool wall art in the Wat Pho temple.

The famous reclining Buddha statue.


I love his beard.

This guy looks proper!

There was cool architecture like this everywhere at the temple!

I love this shot!

This was a cool design on a large pink bus...

We stumbled upon a parade on Khaosan Road.

w/ Gian and Chris in the tuk tuk...

Well...I'm off to the beach...take care everyone...Koh Tao is amazing...