Western Canadian Invasion

Greetings....I finally got a chance to post some pics from my crazy run all over Western Canada....hit a tonne of cities and towns...and linked with so many cool cats. I have to say I've gotten so much support from people who have seen my sets at Shambhala Music Festival, cause I met people in every spot who came out and mentioned the festival (this year's Shambles is 4 months away!!) It was a great time....

"The Beatbox" presented by Perception Inc, 01/17/09.

Dope vid of the show compiled by Mykro:

My set at The Beatbox @ Dollhouse Studios.

w/ Jonny Dubs at The Beatbox...it was hot!

Shenanigans w/ Nigel of Kemal Evans Band!

Kemal Evans Band @ Backstage Lounge on Granville Island, 01/31/09.

Mike Rekka at the controls...

Fundraiser for Global Peace Network @ Chai Gallery in Vancouver, 02/01/09.

w/ Excision in Kelowna, BC.

Elevation well over capacity for my show with Excision in Kelowna, 02/06/09.

A packed Tuesday night @ Maxx Fish in Whistler, BC, 02/10/09.

w/ Dope Japanese MC, Degree & Mat the Alien in Whistler.

Driving by Squamish, BC...

FREQUENCY 2009 @ Edmonton Event Centre, 02/15/09. Boodang 10 year anniversary!

Edmonton massive!

City of Bhangra Festival in Vancouver

Poster for Beat N Groove tour w/ Greenlaw...Calgary, Revelstoke, Nelson, and Golden.

Beat N Groove tour in full effect!!

Dinner in Revelstoke, BC.

Heehee...green room photo shoot w/ Greenlaw...

Greenlaw in Revelstoke, BC, 02/26/09.

Performing @ Outabounds in Revelstoke, BC.

Stopped to take a photo in the Kootenays

On the ferry goin across Arrow Lakes...

Dinner w/ Greenlaw at The Hume Hotel in Nelson, BC.

Skyla J of Greenlaw @ SpiritBar in Nelson, 02/27/09.

w/ Breakfluid in Nelson...he played a great set!!

Midforms Festival in Vancouver w/ Nickodemus, presented by Beats Without Borders.

My peoples! Kate Von S, Crystal Precious & Mykro @ Midforms Festival.

We'll see about that!

Canadian Sushi...haha!

Throwin down wit Nickodemus @ The Waverley Hotel in Cumberland!

w/ Jon H of Fort Knox Five in Courtenay, BC @ The Avalanche, presented by House Ten85, 03/07/09.

Hooray for great people!

Jon H holdin it down in Courtenay!

Rockin out in Courtenay!

w/ Groovediggerz @ Level 2 in Edmonton, 03/21/09.

"DROP" w/ Excision, presented by Stereoshift in Victoria, 03/27/09.

Beatbox jam w/ Outspoken Wordsmiths @ Linden House in Victoria, 03/28/09.


asia bound

off to asia again to go on tour for the third straight year. been waiting for this mission for quite some time now. performed all over the western part of this incredible nation called canada (pics and what not will be posted soon)... taking all my experiences from my encounters with me on this journey.

off to hong kong. peace.



sometimes i lose myself...and then find myself lost...but i'm alive...

i'm here...and happy. okay well i might be unsatisfied and whatever...and i guess i'm nocturnal....but oh well. dream away i shall....


owl boy

so if you didn't read my post about the owl read here:


today while driving i saw another owl fly right in front of the car. it looked very majestic as it flew in the same manner as a plane taking off. then ten minutes later...saw another owl that looked like it was flying all over the place. we actually had to swerve the car to avoid it. not sure if the owls are trying to communicate with me again...but this for sure means something. i've been reflecting a lot lately...and now more ideas have come to light...so thank you to the owls for watching over me again.


pause and reflect

so it's been awhile since
i put words on the page and let my soul rinse
soon i'll be mentally invincible
as i go down
these unpredictable
roads now
and carve in my fresh footprints
through all these outs and ins
i see hints
of my future in just one glimpse
i am convinced
that the power
of my mind
will help me find my way
through dark hours
inch by inch
until me thirst is fully quenched
eventually my reality will consist
of my love multiplying
as i'm rhyming and trying
to keep driving to the horizon
i'll be climbing and striving
i'm advising
you to stop hating and lying and criticizing
my attempt to keep flying
you're only hiding while i'm rising
cause it annoys me when girls and boys
make ploys to destroy joy
like a bunch of decoys
i fight back with my noise
that i create with my voice
i made the choice to become something from nill
i used to stand still and chill
now i will not be fulfilled
until i kill all vibes that are ill
life's a thrill
with one challenge after another
somewhere there's a star to guide me as i discover
that i can only govern myself sometimes i suffer
unclutter my head, get out the gutter then recover
cause and effect
pause and reflect
thoughts intersect
souls connect
so let's inject respect
i'll tell you it can be done
becoming one
with yourself
to give love
when times get rough
and you call out for health
to save you when you need help
and your heart is ready to melt
when emotions are on shelf
take them down to feel
get your fingers in your skin to peel
remember what's real
you might have said it before
you may have wondered what it's all for
but you still step forward and open doors
never hit the floor
stand up and matter
your dreams won't be shattered
tune out the chatter
and soak in the sun-lit pattern
this is proof
that we can surface
through the circus
with a purpose
never nervous
never worthless
only on eternal searches
with uncontrollable verses
so realize positivity always emerges--------+------>