who's with me?

i'm on this mission...to spread my music and infect everyone with it...from my live shows, from my audio, and basically my heartbeat...wanna be a part of it? i wanna be a part of the art of my loved ones. we're all doin it, so why stop now? it's gotten to the point where i have to deal with the odd hater who's not on my page. like that's gonna hold me back. i figure i'm lucky to meet cool peeps all the time...so filtering out a few haters along the way isn't a big deal. i laugh at the ones with the nerve to actually message me their negative vibes and thoughts. so come one come all to the road where dreams are real, and reality is proof...and haters: step up and stop worrying about me.

my second album will be called -nomadic injections- after a crazy 365 in 2008 that has continued into this year. this "on-the-go" lifestyle has taught me to stay strong and never hold back...ever. who's with me?

let's do this.


so this is the day...

...where i say goodbye to another
death claims one more life, hope he didn't suffer

is this the day i should accept
that statistics surround me more?
losing our friends leaves us perplexed
for we knew not what was in store

so in the future's eye i dare to hover
used to shudder but now i greet when i discover...



it's interesting to see the little pockets of people that are slowly growing together. i mean we are all growing in our ways...but this community of artists who are lighting each others fires is essential. we are encouraging each other,sharing experiences, and ultimately making dents in this world thriving for creativity...makes me happy to see. so let's keep making believers out of doubters. cheers to passion and imagination...and to the people we meet along the way who are with us.