strive on

i watched the sunset on solana beach in california yesterday. every few weeks, i wonder why i do what i do....the decisions i make to pursue these dreams. last night, the sun made it all make sense. it didn't say anything...it just went down...and my night seemed to begin like days normally do. i run around, lose track of time, and sometimes forget what day it is. these things probably won't ever change for me. the sun rises and sets too, and somehow i am left at ease knowing this. so why would i stop now?



hope you found peace

we love you
always have
so what you were looking for...
i hope you can see it
without pain
because we see you
and want you here
but since you're there
and we'll realease too
sending you so much love
and then more love.

yogindra persaud....live in peace.
1 9 8 1 - 2 0 0 8.



SHAKE the one who
Challenges your drive to
SHOCK each face
Because the stars
SHOOK the sky when
You needed light and
Insight you gained
Until the sun came
Up and let you
Shine with it
And days emanated
Your will and goals
Now is your when
Which answers the thought
Question this world
But control your plot
Seize the scene
Catch every liar
You once lost the
Truth so you know real
I have fought the eyes
That deceived innocence
And faced them
With strength that knows
No border or boundary
The line was passed
For me to move forward
The way not always
Found instantly but
Closer and closer
I've come to the
Dream or maybe
I've always been in
This reality while breathing
I SHOOK my mind when
My thoughts were cluttered
Opened my mouth to SHOCK
Those who were simply
Waiting their whole lives
To SHAKE the world
With me...


Method Man & Redman Tour Part 3


We got in and did a half hour interview with CFCR 90.5 FM which went really well. Gotta hand it to toon town for being the as loud and rowdy as they were, even though they were one of the smallest crowds. They were still louder than half the other cities...straight up! It was nice to see some familiar faces at The Odeon from the last time we were there. Get this...the airport in Saskatoon ran out of fuel...serious. How does that happen? So our flight got routed to Regina so we could get more fuel. I was actually passed out. I woke up and Sami was like "Hey Shamik, we're in Regina!" After 4 hours we ended up Winnipeg.


We were literally in the peg city for 12 hours. Got in late, and went straight to sound check. There were people wearing Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets jesrseys everywhere. Turns out there was a special pre-season NHL game between Calgary and Phoenix across the street from the venue, Blush Ultraclub. Our crowd response was good. Meth n Red were on point as always with their tight stage show and antics. Street Life performed great too, and promoted his upcoming mixtape with Meth. Our highlight on the tour was hangin with DJ Dice (Red's DJ). His DMC style routines during sound checks were ree-dik-u-luss! He cut up so many classics like "It Takes Two," "Who Shot Ya," "Ten Crack Commandments..." Dice and Mathematics (Meth's DJ) did a tribute to Jam Master Jay from Run DMC on the tour. In Winnipeg, they looked like the X-Ecutioners as they picked up off of each other's beat juggling. Had a 6AM flight to Toronto, and the obstacles continued..at 5:30AM the power went out in the Winnipeg airport. We were already running late. Almost missed our flight, because we had to wait for all the computers to reboot in the airport as we were checking in. Nonetheless, we made it!


Okay, so by now were wondering if we were jinxing every city we rolled into. I was walking around in downtown Toronto. It seemed like there were way more people than normal everywhere. Then I noticed cops escorting traffic at every intersection. Turns out at 4:30pm the power went out at the subway because a 50-metre cable bundle fell onto tracks. So there was approximately 60 000 people stranded with no ride. Drivers were cursing other drivers, and pedestrians who were trying to catch shuttles...it was mayhem! The last time we played at Kool Haus for the Method Man tour, we had a flawless night. This time it was a very impatient, and gangster looking crowd. After way too many openers, and a host who kept telling the crowd that Meth and Red were up next, we took the stage. The crowd seemed hostile. Our set was good, and people were cheering...however there were a few pockets of people who started throwing things on stage. In fact, one of the openers was throwing CD's into the crowd, and the crowd was throwing them back. We made it throught our set, and it was the first time we had been hit with anything while performing. Oh well...win some, lose some. I think we won, cause people kept coming up to us and giving us props for finishing our set. I was disappointed at first, but you can't prevent the 5% of a crowd who decide to act ignorant. One guy was like "Don't worry about it man, I'd like to see the people who were throwing stuff to stand on stage for over 1000 people and beatbox." Exactly.


It definitely was cool to travel across the country and see some cities we had never been to. Ottawa was to be one of the biggest shows of the tour. The gig was at the Civic Center which was home of the Ottawa 67's hockey team. The arena was huge. We had a ten minute set, because everything had to be right on time due to venue curfew. Our set ROCKED. The lights came on during our set and we could see people all the way in the upper decks...it was surreal! It was nice to see Meth n Red at this venue with lots of room. We spent the rest of the night walking around Parliament Hill filming footage for our upcoming DVD. Ottawa was for sure one of our favorite cities!


So Paul from Boodang told us in July that Montreal would be the biggest and most important show of the tour. He called it! He was like "Shamik you better write a verse in French for that crowd." So I did. Sami and I made sure our set was tighter than ever. We wanted to rock The Metropolis! It looked like about 2500- 3000 people in the crowd. We spoke to the crowd in every city, but I made sure I spoke to the crowd in French to let them know we came to have a good time with them. One thing I noticed the last time I was in Montreal was if you explain to the crowd what you're doing...especially in French, they will respect it and appreciate your attempts to communicate with them. Most importantly, they love music! I'm telling you, that crowd was off the hook, and they received my French verse with so much love. Thanks to Sara for her help with the grammar on that one.

We basically told them that we were from Alberta...our music knows no boundaries whether it's from east or west...English or French! After the show, people were approaching for hours to give love...outside the club...all over the streets..everywhere we went. People were like "Yo Beatbox! Alberta! Oui Oui!!!" It was awesome. I think we spoke with the most amount of people in Montreal. I didn't even sell CD's...I was just giving them away. This one guy looked like he was gonna cry, cause he couldn't speak our language or something. Turns out he spoke Spanish, so him and Sami were speaking Spanish together and talking about the show. We met cats from Montreal, Laval, Quebec City...it was crazy. We were walking down St. Denis, receiving high-5's on every block. I remember at like 3AM, we were at a sheesha bar, and this guy walking by was like "Merci pour le beatbox!" To any French speakers, we were reviewed online in Montreal.

To read click here:



Doing Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Barrie (4 shows in a row) was quite the run. We flew from Montreal to Toronto, and then drove to Barrie. It was dope seeing other Canadian artists at the show like Red One from the Rascalz in Van, Saukrates in Toronto, then J. Englishman was there in Barrie. Plus, Choclair was on the bill for the Barrie show at Roxx Nightclub. So we went on before Choclair, cause he is most definitely a Canadian hip hop icon! On the tour there were a lot of openers on before us. This guy Sick Tricks (hope I spelled his name right) was hands down the best. He killed it! We had a lot of fun in Barrie. It was hard to believe we had one show left.


Drove back to Toronto and flew to Halifax. Had a long awaited day off. Slept for most of it, and hit the town with friends for the rest of it. We probably got a max of 4 hours a sleep per day. At sound check we met the Underdog promoters. They used our "2 Beatsmiths" video to promote the show, and it turns out they got lots of inquiries about us. It was crazy that lots of people recognized us from that video. It originally was something we did for fun to post on youtube, but now it has increased our notoriety! If you haven't seen it,



It was kinda funny, cause on the flyer/ poster it said that Sami and I were from L.A. The last show of a tour is always bittersweet...happy it's over, sad to say all the goodbyes. We had a lot of fun on the tour, and once again had the healthy balance of unexpected roadblocks with a few lucky breaks. Ahhh the joys of being a musician. Massive respect to Method Man, Redman, Street Life, Mathematics, Dice, and Shaolin. Big ups to all the promoters involved, all the sound guys (especially the ones who were on time), our fans, friends who came out to support...and all of you for reading this! Lastly to Boodang Music Canada and Dubsac Productions for always having our back. Peace!

Here are pics:


Unkle $am & Shamik @ CFCR 90.5 FM in Saskatoon.

During our radio interview at CFCR.

Classic old school radio gear.

Downtown Saskatoon.

Sunset in Saskatoon.

Godstruck ripped it on the first 5 shows of the tour!

I swear these girls were at 3 shows in a row!

Downtown Winnipeg.

DJ Muthafuckin Dice!

Reppin at the CN Tower in Toronto.


For once it wasn't my name spelled wrong, haha UNLE SAM!

The Civic Center in Ottawa.

The crowd at the Ottawa show.

Mathematics and Dice on the 1's and 2's.


Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Haha, the Second Cup on Second Ave in Ottawa!


Our favourite hangout.

The Metropolis, venue in Montreal.

The Roxx Nightclub, venue in Barrie.

Method Man!


Street Life.

The extra A's must mean real nasty!

Crackman in Vancouver, now this in Barrie...

According to this poster, we're from LA!

Holdin it down at The Palace in Halifax.

11 shows in 14 days, we did it! Big ups to Paul Boodang!


Method Man & Redman Tour Part 2


Lethbridge was a gong show...literally. I walked into the washroom, and moments later somebody puked all over the floor. It was only 10 pm at the time. So the men's washroom was covered in puke for the rest of the night...a new meaning for slip n slide. Don't get me started on the smell too. The crowd was getting very antsy. Meth & Red's tour bus had an issue with the generator over heating. So they had to detour to Okotoks to get a new bus. As a result, their set was way later than planned. They went on around 1:15am, and I swear it was a few minutes away from a riot. People thought the show wasn't gonna happen and they were boo-ing loudly. Once it did, they were happy. This was of course cause Meth & Red killed it like they always do. Sami and I met Poizunus (dope beatboxer from Toronto) and Absent Minded (MC from Barrie) at that show. Props to them!

We pretty much got no sleep due to early flights. Made it to Edmonton on Saturday, and were stoked to play at the EEC again. Not to mention the hometown crowd. We had a lot of fun at this show. It was hands down the nuttiest performance that Meth & Red put on so far. They said Edmonton was the hypest crowd in Canada. Redman got on a speaker which was on top of another speaker, which was on the stage...so he was about 15 feet off the ground. He dove into the crowd, and then crowd surfed. At one point they were both crowd surfing and it looked like the were crawling on the people's hands. They did not want to leave the stage. It was DOPE!Sunday was The Whiskey show in Calgary. Sami & I had our best set of the tour so far...mostly because we did a 5 minute unrehearsed freestyle session which pumped the crowd up huge. We had a lot of friends in the crowd in Edmonton and Calgary, so thanks to everyone who came out. The venue was packed. The Calgary and Lethbridge shows were both sold out. Method Man had a great time last time in Cowtown so he was stoked to be back in Calgary. Their set, and on stage antics are fire every time. It truly is exciting to be part of this tour. Thanks again to Boodang & Dubsac for putting this all together. Also, big ups to 100% Legit Clothing, Duality Design, and Horse Apparel in Calgary for hooking us up big time with gear for the tour.

Unkle $am and I in the Calgary airport.

Suede, the venue in Lethbridge.

Sign outside the club.

Our set at Suede in Lethbridge.

East meets West. Big ups to Poizunus & Absent Minded!

Respect to Whoop-Up Drive too!

That's what I'm talking about.

Unkle $am & Shamik crushing Calgary.

Method Man & Redman Tour Part 1

Yo. So the first show of the tour was at Plush in Vancouver. It was absolutely hype. Method Man & Redman rocked the stage like no other, and owned the crowd. They looked like they were having so much fun. They did old tunes off The Blackout, solo stuff, and new tunes from their upcoming album. Also, they announced their upcoming How High 2. I will keep their setlist quiet, cause they pulled out some awesome surprises.
Sami and I had a great time during our set, and the Van City crowd showed a tonne of love. In other news, we wasted an hour and a half of our time being pulled over by the cops after the show. We had 2 people who were unable to drive, so we offered to drive them. We piled 4 people in the backseat of our car, and then came the sirens. Chris, our tour manager got breathalized, and blew 0.01...haha. This was after they had to call a second car, because the first breathalizer didn't work. Nothing like being pulled over at 2AM, when we were just going to get a late snack. Oh well. The cop took the liberty of informing us that there are indeed taxi cabs in Vancouver. Thanks buddy!

Here are some pics:

Unkle $am & I having lunch in Richmond, BC.

Only in Vancouver.

The visual guy made the light show appear on my crotch. Come to the pants party!
Rockin out at Plush in Vancouver!
It don't get more hip hop than this!
Don't forget to...