14KT - Beats 06' - 07' [Full Time Tape]

All original mix from 14KT. The beats are from 2006-2007, and he is celebrating 20 years of making music. Much respect.

-- The 06'-07' Tape consists of 48 beats and almost an hour of 14KT music made within the first two years of starting to do music full time! Features beats laced by the likes of: Jamall Bufford | Karriem Riggins | Marvwon | Invincible | Danny Brown, Now On | Ro Spit | T. Calmese | OneBeLo | Ozay Moore | Tanya Morgan, Dutch Massive | Elzhi | Miz Korona | Magestik Legend | Decompoze | Aloe Blacc. Enjoy! --


A/T/O/S - Strong Thing

Looking forward to the new album from A/T/O/S..here is the lead single.

Forthcoming on Deep Medi.


Calmpound - EARLY HOURS EP teaser

Next release on Sensing Waves is titled EARLY HOURS by Calmpound out of Nelson, BC.

Out 12.01.16.

 Here is the teaser for the EP created by Tim Rolls.


Architextures - Autumn Resonance

I've had the honour of performing at the Architextures weekly in Toronto a couple times over the years. They just launched their new label with a new compilation titled Autumn Resonance which includes my new tune The Return.

Listen and download below.

Much respect to Hans Ohm and the whole crew for the opportunity.

Om Unit X Kromestar - Solar Cyle (Melody Mix)


DJ Taye feat DJ Manny - Burnin Ya Boa

Love this tune and video!


Jake One - Rhythm Roulette

Killer Seattle beat maker Jake One delivers on one of the best Rhythm Roulettes yet!


Calmpound - Losing Your Fear

Fresh new tune from Calmpound to celebrate 500 followers on Soundcloud.

Stay tuned for his forthcoming EP on Sensing Waves.

A Tribe Called Quest - We The People

The new Tribe album has been the best thing to happen this past week.

Bonobo - Kerala



Sensing Airwaves vol 5

The fifth instalment of the Sensing Airwaves podcast features singer / producer Kate Faust out of Philadelphia as a guest contributor. It's an honour to have her involved, and I'm grateful we got connected to her via social media. Her set includes the sounds of Philadelphia including leBeet, Fhloston Paradigm, Mental Jewelry, and Kevin Ripley. Fellow American artists Manatee Commune, Shlohmo, Sad Money, and Anna Wise are featured as well. For my portion of the episode I included several past Sensing Waves releases with tunes from Wiklow, Žhii, Alexander Ocho, and Heroshe. I also featured Canadian artists Mu, The Passenger, Calmpound, Dunmore Park, and Midnight Movies. We hope you enjoy this special autumn episode!

Subscribe/ download on iTunes: http://apple.co/1xngpTe
Stream on Youtube: https://youtu.be/gnG8NGvozM8

Track list:

Kate Faust
0:00 - leBeet- Mostly Love
3:00 - Manatee Commune feat Marina Price- Be Still
5:41 - Vanilla- Nana
8:44 - Tontario & Lucas Nord- Rewind
11:42 - Fhloston Paradigm- Chasing Rainbows
14:10 - Kate Faust- Beyond Desire
17:45 - Mental Jewelry- Leaking Gold
21:05 - Shlomo- 11_9_10 Asleep On The 22
25:25 - Eevee- House of Memories
27:33 - Kill J- You're Good, But I'm Better (Sad Money remix)
30:29 - Anna Wise- Go
35:19 - Saje- Freefallin' Dreams
38:15 - Kevin Ripley- Five Inside

41:41 - Villette- Fall (Christian Löffler Remix)
47:51 - Thom Yorke- Youwouldn'tlikemewhenI'mangry
53:00 - Mu- Mysteries of Love (The Passenger remix)
56:56 - Danny Scrilla- Cryosphere
1:00:10 - Wiklow- Under The Weeping Willow
1:04:31 - Volor Flex- Spark
1:07:52 - Calmpound- Gully
1:12:13 - Unkwon- If We Could Just (Dub)
1:19:20 - Alexander Ocho- Island Solitaire
1:23:09 - Willits & Sakomoto - Completion
1:29:51 - Heroshe- Birdland
1:34:08 - Žhii- Ten Thousand Years
1:39:13 - Dunmore Park- Shore
1:43:53 - Midnight Movies- Love Me Right


Miike Snow - Genghis Khan

A friend just shared this with me. Great tune, solid drums, and nice video.